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All the things you want to know about When It's Done

How does it work?

1. Register your project You just need a title and maybe even short and nice description. It's quick and easy, just go to the registration page

2. Let people subscribe by sharing the subscription page link whenever you talk about your project. It's a nice follow up for people who like what you do. You can also add a small subscription widget on your website if you like to.

3. Announce it when it's done. When you are finished with your project just announce it to everybody who subscribed.

Focused on making your life easier

One of the idea behind When It's Done is to try to make it really easy for project creators. You should spend as much time as possible working on your project and less time figuring out how to reach people who are interested in your work. Registering a project takes really just few seconds, if you don't believe me, just try it. And from there you can share the page and let people start subscribing.

Rock solid e-mail delivery

E-mail delivery sounds simple but it is actually quite difficult to have a reliable system that will ensure that the e-mail will be actually received. When It's Done relies on Sendgrid, which is a trusty and reliable e-mail delivery service. We even have a backup system using Amazon SES. Better safe than sorry.

But the long term idea is not to rely exclusively on e-mails. When possible it should be possible to receive a notification the way you want. For example you can already subscribe to projects and receive your notifications with rss.


It's Free.

If the service gets traction and we need to cover some of the cost for the servers some microtransactions will be introduced. For reasonable fees you would be able to have access to more feature to customize your pages or announcements. But the core of the service will always be free. Plain and simple.

Reaching a bigger group of people

You migth already have a group of people following you on various platforms (Twitter, youtube, blog, etc.) so how is When It's Done different?

People who are following you are doing so because they really want to be involved, they are dedicated. But beyond this group there is plenty of people, often silent, who migth stumble upon your work, be interested in it but doesn't want to get streams of unwanted updates. They just want to know when your project is done, when it is released, available on specific platforms or maybe when your project is launch on kickstarter. With When It's Done you can offer them the opportunity to get in touch again with the information they want.

Can I get the e-mail of my subscribers?

No. This is a major differences with a mailing list service, you don't have access to the e-mail of your subscribers. The main reason is that I want people who subscribe to projects to have the guarantee that they will only get what they subscribed for. Gaining trust is hard but on the long term it will encourage more people to subscribe to more projects.

The website will also introduce in the future other ways to get notified when a project is done making e-mail less relevant. A feature is also planned to let people subscribe with a single click to all the future announcements of a project creators.

It's in Alpha

When It's Done is still early in development which mean some features are missing and that some bugs and errors migth still be behind the corners.

But being in Alpha is not all scary, it is also exciting. I'm really eager to hear feedback from any users and open to any suggestions. You can be part of shaping the website to make it even better for everyone. Just drop me an e-mail

Who's behind it?

The website is created by Nic Magnier as a cool side project. I'm working in the game industry since at least 15 years (I stopped counting) as programmer and designer. You can get in touch with me per mail nmagnier@gmail.com or on Twitter @NicMagnier

OK, sounds cool. How do I start?


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